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Making brains invisible to concussive blasts!

New knowledge applied for the avoidance of concussions and TBI. Understanding how energies are absorbed into vessels containing fluids (SLOSH™) guides researchers to a successful laboratory validation of dramatic mitigation of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
Woodpeckers and head-ramming sheep demonstrate natural models of the physiologies required for success. They have had these protections for centuries. These same principles provide humankind protection for not only warfighters, but a full spectrum of athletes at every level, as well.

Raising cranial volume and pressure causes the soft spongy brain to approximate a solid, non-SLOSHable structure, like the steel balls of Newton's Cradle (Below). Creating this phenomenon in the brain approximates the elastic collisions of the steel balls. A transmission, not absorption, of energy results. In short, the energy moves through the brain with little or no damage.
Emphasizing helmets and related cushioning has never solved the problem. At best they only offer a sllght reduction in concussions and TBI, as we have come to understand and appreciate how SLOSH creates problems left unattended by helmets.

In a study recently completed, researchers demonstrated abatement of at least 80% of the damage done by concussive forces acting on the brains of test animals. Resulting success was achieved by reducing SLOSH through maximizing elastic collisions within the cranium.

Basic principals of physics define SLOSH Theory. Nearby you will find a short video of these principles for even better understanding of the basics of this exciting new body of work.